I must have missed Chris Connaker's visit to our room at the AXPONA show. I know Chris but I haven't had a chance to connect with him in a while. He runs the Computer Audiophile site and has many people following his advice and posting comments on his site. I admire what he has done to bring computer audio in the mainstream.

But I'm not sure why he made a rather unprofessional and snarky remark about the AIX Records room at the AXPONA show. He said,

"Wow. Quite a fail. A million dollar system capable of turning anyone off of high end audio."

I'm pretty sure that he didn't sit in the sweet spot in the room (I think I would have noticed) and so I wonder how he got such a different perspective on the room than John Hamm, the CEO of Pono who was absolutely blown away by the recording and the realism we presented.