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Thread: Give MCH a chance!

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    Give MCH a chance!

    The world seems pretty content with 2-channel stereo. I'm not. When I listen and enjoy an aggressively mixed 5.1 mix, it's just more involving and engaging. I know it takes a lot more effort and equipment AND I recognize that there's not a lot of content to be had but it's worth it. There's even headphone processors that can reproduce an "out of your head" experience in phones. Go to Youtube and type in Headphones[xi] to hear Eleanor Rigby in headphone surround. Pretty cool.

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    I have. While most of your post tends to point out why it's not popular, I will agree that it is a "different" experience. I surmise that I'm not alone when it comes to those who have tried it and found it less than expected. There was certainly enough hype a decade or so ago about it and I jumped in.

    After assembling what was an expensive system (for me anyway - approx. $8k in 2001), rearranging my den, giving up my 100 gallon aquarium and replacing some furnishings, I was all set for an unforgettable home theater and audio experience. While the movie soundtracks were fun, the few audio dvds were less than spectacular. It always seemed contrived or gimmicky - not what I was looking forward to. Now I know this was before all the uncompressed formats were around, but it wasn't that the music was lacking per se - just that there was a small area to sit where it seemed somewhat natural. Much variation in position yielded an overall strange experience. The room was fairly large too and a great deal of effort was put into speaker placement and equalization.

    Suffice it to say, the return on investment, for me, was small. I now use the pre/pro as just a preamp for a 2 channel system in another room. So, maybe the headphone aspect will catch on with a younger generation. I have my doubts as to currently "popular" content driving that though.


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    I love the surround music experience. From the first time I tried it I was hooked. I'm disappointed by the lack of 7.1 mixes, though. If the idea is to put you in the middle of the music, why not do aggressive 7.1 mixes too? The only ones I've heard are from the AIX sampler that came with my Oppo BDP-83.

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