It seems appropriate to be the first to introduce myself to this forum...since I'm the guy that put it up and supports it. My name is Mark Waldrep. Ph.D. (aka Dr. AIX) and I'm an active recording engineer and producer, label owner (AIX Records), university professor (CSU Dominguez Hills), author, blogger, musician and music lover.

I'm been playing with audio technology for over 40 years and somehow managed to turn my passion into a career. I received a Ph.D. in music from UCLA and a graduate degree in computer science from CSU Northridge. I loved going to school and actually graduated 6 times.

I own and operate a state-of-the-art studio in Los Angeles where I produce my own releases, support our label and book sessions to mix music and film. It's lot of fun...when everything works correctly. You can check out pictures of the studio and the layout at AIX Studios.

I started AIX Records in 2000 as one of the first audio labels dedicated exclusively to high-resolution audio. The label has recorded and released 85 albums on DVD-Audio, Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D and online. We don't do vinyl LPs or CDs. Although, I could be induced to transfer a high-resolution audio file to my stereo Nagra IV-S machine.

My personal preference is multichannel audio. I love surround music and the more aggressive the mix the better. That's why I include multiple mixing perspectives on my releases and through the world's first high-resolution music download site,

I haven't got crazy expensive equipment at the studio or at my home. I love my Benchmark DACs, my Oppo Blu-ray players, my B&W speakers and my Euphonix console.

That's about it. Ask me about my favorite music, bands or composers and I'll chime in.