If you stop over to RealHD-Audio.com, there's a banner on the right hand side that you can clcik to get access to 12 free tracks from the award-winning AIX Records catalog. Definitely worth checking out. Here's a very nice email that talks about the tracks:

For various reasons, I had all but lost interest in recorded music Ė then I stumbled upon your sonically gorgeous offerings. Needless to say, my interest has been exponentially piqued by the experience and I canít thank you enough for allowing me to sample the demos on the FTP site. I have since gone on and purchased the new Sprint compilation and am enjoying it immensely. Notwithstanding the superior technical quality of the recordings, they also starkly highlight the importance of content at a time when it seems there exists an inverse relationship between the level of advancement of the content delivery platform and the quality of the content itself. Although highly subjective, all too often I hear poor quality music that is in no way redeemed by the smoke and mirrors of specifications and whiz-bang production. Bad is bad, in high resolution or otherwise. So it is refreshing to hear such an eclectic range from the AIX stable and additional purchases are no doubt imminent.
Your passion is commendable, as is your humility in sharing your talents with all who will listen, as opposed to promoting yet another niche product for musical enclaves to espouse in a self-important, exclusive and elitist manner. Thank you again and I wish you continued success.