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Thread: Jean Marie Reynaud Offrandes Signature and Audiomat Arpege

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    Jean Marie Reynaud Offrandes Signature and Audiomat Arpege

    Dear All,

    Well, this is my first post here and I want first thanks Mark for all he is doing for our community!

    I just got a pair of Offrandes and want to share with you the fantastic sound they are capable of!
    For High Resolution, I guess what we all are trying to get is a NATURAL and TRANSPARENT sound. No way to get good sound without good speakers! Of course, the first main piece of any system will be the listening room and the speakers must be sized to fit with the room dimensions.

    The Offrandes does a fantastic job driven by the Audiomat. I heard the Offrandes inventor, Jean-Marie Reynaud was working very close with the Audiomat guys to get the best results together.

    I will try to post couple of pictures but believe me, if you have the possibility to listen the Offrandes and the Audiomat with a good HRA file you will never forget that for the rest of your life.

    And, please let us know what your speakers / amps are so we can share our experience here!

    Thanks and "Audiophiles Regards" from France!

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    These are not speakers that I have heard. What is the price range?

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